The following new membership option proposal was approved by the WSCO membership at the Annual Meeting on February 28, 2015, in accordance with article VIII.A. of the WSCO Constitution.

Lifetime Membership Installment Payment Option:

Become a Lifetime member after 3 annual installment payments of $75 each, due January 1st each year**. WSCO will send an invoice each November, as a reminder of the second and third payments. Final payment must be received within four (4) years of initial application.

Until the membership is paid in full, it will be recorded as a “Pending Lifetime Membership,” and will be otherwise treated like an annual membership (expires at end of membership year if dues not received prior to due date).

**Membership begins when Member Application (with first payment) is received by WSCO. If begin date is after Sept 20, 2nd installment will be due the Jan 1st following one full year of membership.

Example: App received Oct 19 2014, 2nd installment will be due Jan 01 2016.

Membership will not be considered “current” during any lapses in payment, and member benefits will be discontinued, accordingly, similar to annual membership.

“Pending” designation will be removed from WSCO's records, and Lifetime Member pin will be sent shortly after all installment payments are received.

Exceptions will be handled at the discretion of the WSCO Board of Directors.

Membership fees (full or partial) are non-refundable. WSCO is registered with the IRS as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, and donations are tax-deductible. 

Recent changes have been made to allow for installment payments for Life Members!


Membership is open to anyone interested in the fostering of Welsh heritage and culture.

The membership period is from January through December of the year paid.
Annual membership fees are $25 for an individual or a family unit (a parental unit and dependent children).  Life membership fees are $175 for an individual or a family unit, and only $30 for individuals over 80 years old. 
Membership entitlements include a subscription to the organization’s newsletter, Dragon Tales, attendance at Board meetings, a vote (except for minor children under 16) at the annual business meeting, advance notice of all of our events, a membership roster, and great new friends.
To join WSCO, follow the instructions on the membership form.